What is Stake and Rewards?

ADA coin is the underlying cryptocurrency on the Cardano network. Stake Pool operator (also known as SPO) is a cool nerdy looking dude who manages a blockchain software on a server and mints blocks for the delegators. A delegator is an awesome guy who holds ADA in a Cardano Wallet and supports the network by delegating ADA to the Stake Pool operator. When the pool operator mints blocks, the operator receives rewards (paid in ADA) and as a delegator, you will receive a portion of the rewards for your stake.
Ok, that is a lot, maybe the simplest way to say is when you delegate your ADA to POWER pool you will receive more ADA as we mint blocks. This is somewhat similar to opening a Fixed Deposit in your bank and receiving interest but so much better cool technology.


Minting Blocks




Cardano Blockchain


Stake Pool Operator
 (POWER Pool)


How to Stake and Earn rewards?

Please follow the Wallet guide here.

When rewards? I have not seen any rewards yet.

As shown in the diagram below: when you delegate your ADA at Epoch 0, the Stake snapshot will be taken at the beginning of Epoch 1, and your delegation will be active at Epoch 2. Rewards for Epoch 1 will be calculated during Epoch 3, and get paid out at the beginning of Epoch 4. Given that each Epoch is 5 days, you would receive your first rewards between 15 - 20 days after delegation. If unsure, you can contact our friendly Power Pool Operator via Twitter or Telegram.

Is my ADA locked while staking?

With Cardano staking, your ADA token is never locked and you are free to spend/send your ADA any time while staking.

What is the risk with Cardano staking, will I lose my ADA while staking?

There is NO risk with Cardano staking and you will NOT lose your ADA during the staking process. Always remember to keep your recovery phrase safe.

Do I have to withdraw my rewards in every Epoch?

You do not need to withdraw your ADA rewards every Epoch, your rewards are automatcially re-staked to earn more rewards. You can withdraw/spend your ADA rewards any time if required.

How much rewards?

The theoretical average expected rewards are 3-6% Per Annum. Please refer to our homepage to see live statistics.

How to check my rewards for each Epoch?

Same with your first rewards, rewards for Epoch n is paid at the beginning of Epoch n + 3. Subject to the pool performance of each Epoch, the average ROA is expected to be between 3-6% per annum. You can track your rewards for each Epoch by pasting your wallet address to the following link: https://adapools.org/rewards. If you get stuck somewhere, drop us a message.

Will I lose my rewards if I switch Pools?

You will not lose your rewards when switch stake pools, as your rewards from your previous pool will continue to be paid in the following 2 Epochs, after that you will start receiving rewards from the new pool.

What is the minimum of ADA required to stake?

As long as you have more than 3ADA you can start staking.

When should I switch to another Pool?

This could be due to various reasons, some of the reasons listed below.

1. Total ADA in the Stake Pool has exceeded saturation point (more than 63 Million), you will continue to receive lower and lower rewards.

2. Current Pool is retired.

3. Current Pool has a technical failure and relays have gone offline for a long period.

4. Your ADA is on an exchange and you would like to take control of your fund to manage risk such as exchange hacks.

Is it ok to leave ADA on exchanges?

This is a subjective question. The history indicates that exchanges are prone to hacks and you could fully or partially lose your ADA.  Besides, not all exchanges support staking (zero rewards) and staking with Stake Pool directly gives you the best returns without limitation.

What is Saturation Point?

The current saturation point is 63Million ADA. After going past saturation point, a Pool will not give you the optimal rewards and the more saturated pool gets, the worse the returns get. At this point, you should consider switching the Pool.

Some Pools have above average ROI returns. Why?

When there is a smaller stake in the Pool and gets lucky to receive more blocks than expected, Pool's ROI could go up considerably high. This is a temporary scenario and in the long run, pool returns will settle down to 3-6%. Chasing higher ROI could result in less than optimal rewards or in some situations less.