What is Stake and Rewards?

ADA coin is the underlying cryptocurrency on the Cardano network. Stake Pool operator (also known as SPO) is a cool nerdy looking dude who manages a blockchain software on a server and mints blocks for the delegators. A delegator is an awesome guy who holds ADA in a Cardano Wallet and supports the network by delegating ADA to the Stake Pool operator. When the pool operator mints blocks, the operator receives rewards (paid in ADA) and as a delegator, you will receive a portion of the rewards for your stake.
Ok, that is a lot, maybe the simplest way to say is when you delegate your ADA to POWER pool you will receive more ADA as we mint blocks. This is somewhat similar to opening a Fixed Deposit in your bank and receiving interest but so much better cool technology.


Minting Blocks




Cardano Blockchain


Stake Pool Operator
 (POWER Pool)

When rewards?

If you were to delegate your ADA during Epoch 0, your Stake will be active and the Pool will be minting blocks in Epoch 2. The Rewards will be calculated in Epoch 3 and the very first Rewards will be delivered to the same wallet at the beginning of Epoch 4. Thereafter, The Rewards will be paid at the beginning of each new Epoch. Note that Each Epoch is 5days and very first rewards may take between 15-20 days.