About​ Us

I am Keith from Australia and I am the operator of the POWER Stake Pool. I am an Electronics & Communications Engineer by profession. The meaning behind POWER comes from "POWER to everyone as a result of decentralization, particularly to the kids who will become the guardians of the Cardano ecosystem for the many decades to come". Our journey began with Charles's Whiteboard video and we have been following the Cardano Project since late 2017. Our daughter was born in December 2019 and we named her Ada in honor of Ada Lovelace and the Cardano Blockchain. Since then the decentralization has taken off and we decided to start a Stake Pool operation. Today my daughter and I operate the Stake Pools with a lot of love and passion ❤️ 

Our Message

Finance, as we know of, is changing, Blockchain is finding an alternative interpretation to fiat currency and many other traditional systems. The Blockchain industry is at its infancy stage. We believe that as our kids grow up, Cryptocurrency would be a common medium of exchange. It is our educated guess that Cardano has the potential to become a truly decentralized Cryptocurrency and become a market leader. As speculators and supporters of Cardano, we have built this Stake Pool to represent the future guardians and leaders of the Cardano ecosystem. Whether you stake or operate a pool, you are directly contributing to the sustainability of the network. It is our humble hope that one day we will be able to pass this Stake Pool operation to our daughter and she will be able to carry the legacy.
Time is the most valuable asset that you could buy for you and your loved ones. It begins with you. Are you in this together with us?. We appreciate your stake to the POWER stake pool 1or 2. In return you will earn rewards as we mint blocks. We are on twitter and Telegram, and love to hear from you. 

Also we upload short clips on to youtube  ðŸ‘ˆ

Our mission, vision Target

  • Be trusted and reliable.
  • Provide the best possible transparency.
  • Advocate Cardano network in real life as well as on social media
  • Build Cardano guardians for the future.
  • Be an inspiration to other parents to get involved with Cardano and learn blockchain technology.
  • Offer the lowest possible fees.
  • Reach 64M stake delegation.


The ability to produce blocks without failures is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a pool to maximise your rewards. We have minted over Blocks. Our awards speak for our performance.

Hardware & Software Specifications

  • A mix of High performance Cloud and Bare metal computers to provide highest possible uptime.
  • 3x relays, 2x BP node, 3x Redundancy Nodes
  • 24/7/365 monitoring with fail safe.